Whether you are a small local business, a large corporation, A non-profit organization, or somewhere in between, you know you have to market your company. Odds are that you either don’t have the time or expertise to effectively do it all yourself, which leads many business owners and managers to seek out the help of advertising agencies and marketing firms. Times have changed, and traditional agencies are falling by the wayside to make room for digital marketing agencies and inbound marketing companies such as Eleven Eleven Media.

But what should you expect when you work with a digital marketing agency like ours? Here are a few things to expect when working with us:

Building Trust

Transparency is paramount in our relationships with our clients, and we encourage transparency in the relationships we help to build with your clients.

Strong relationships are built on trust, and trust is created from honestly and caring for the people you serve.

building trust

From Day One, we will strive to be open, honest and genuine with you, and we expect the same transparency from our clients.

After all, if we don’t truly understand your goals, motivations, struggles and challenges, we won’t be able to devise the most effective strategies to help you succeed.

Sharing Information

This continues with the Building Trust expectation, because you can expect us to ask lots of questions, and some of them will be tough questions. This isn’t to put you on the spot or try to poke holes in the way you run your business—it’s so we really understand you and your organization, and how the pieces work together.

We will ask you questions about:

  • revenue goals
  • your ideal customers (in order to create accurate target personas)
  • current advertising/marketing strategies and their success
  • how we can objectively measure success

We usually do this during a Discovery Meeting at the beginning of our relationship. It’s like a third date—we’ve seen each other on our best behavior, and now it’s time to dive deep and get to know the real you. What makes you tick? What are your ambitions? What are you struggling with?

We will also ask—when appropriate—for sensitive information such as website login credentials, social media account access, and access to other items we may need in order to effectively do our job. All of this information is kept confidential and shared only with our internal team, unless you give us express approval to share it with an external party.

Learning and Teaching Each Other

Education is not just about sharing information—it’s also about empowering each other with knowledge in order to make better decisions. We need to learn your business so we can intelligently speak to your potential clients, but we also expect you to understand the basic principles of the services we provide to you. This doesn’t mean that we’ll teach you the minutia of each step we take in our proven process (unless you really want to learn it)—but we want you to understand the intentionality behind every move we make on your behalf.


Business is a fast-moving machine, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. When you have a question, you want an answer. You can expect us to respond to phone calls, emails, and text messages quickly and get you answers to your questions in a timely fashion.

Likewise, we will need access to you or a representative from your team to answer our questions, approve content we create
for you, and help us to keep our part of your machine running smoothly and without interruption. We’ll do the heavy lifting, but we’ll need your input to keep us moving in the right direction.

Some clients who have difficulty taking the time to approve blogs and social media calendars or a regular basis choose instead to give us free reign to publish what we think is best. This usually happens after several months of working together, when the client is confident that we fully understand their business and how to speak to their customers. This is always an option, but always agreed upon before putting into action.


If I can sum up everything you should expect from our team in one word, that word would be partnership. We work to integrate ourselves into your organization and become an extension of your team. We become invested in the well-being of your company, and strive to go above and beyond to ensure your success.

But as you can see, digital marketing is a long-term, strategic partnership that needs active participation between you (the client) and us (the agency). We’ll bring the strategy, tools and implementation needed to tell your story, but you need to bring your expertise in your field, your goals, your challenges, and the willingness to keep an open line of communication with us.

After all, isn’t great communication what marketing is all about?

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