Affordable Website Design for Construction & Home Improvement Businesses

Need an affordable custom website that is beautifully-designed, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, compelling, and built to get you leads?

Websites to Make Contracting Businesses Successful.

If you want more customers or clients, you need to have a great online presence. The first step to achieving this is by having an attractive, functional, and engaging website.

Eleven Eleven Media has built dozens of beautiful and effective websites for contractors, builders, renovators, and other home improvement businesses all over the country, and offers a “Growth-Driven Design” program to make sure this is the last website you’ll ever need to build!

What is “Growth-Driven Design”?

Traditionally, organizations like yours paid an agency or developer one large payment to create a new website from scratch. The project usually took the developer around 3-6 months or longer, and was very time-intensive and expensive. Once everything was perfect and the site launched, the developer handed you the keys to the site and said “Good Luck.”

Now let’s fast-forward about 2 years: that site that you spent all that time and money on is now obsolete. Maybe there’s been a big leap in technology, or maybe your messaging or branding has changed dramatically. Maybe the site is just not performing the way it should.

Regardless, you now have to engage with an agency or developer again, and spend the next 3-6 months planning (and paying for) another big web design project.

There’s a Better Way.

Eleven Eleven Media specializes in Growth Driven Design. This means that we will launch your site quickly and make continuous improvements over time so you won’t need a complete redesign 2-3 years down the road.

This allows your website to become an ever-evolving hub for your marketing efforts, changing as your needs and the needs of your customers change.

Pretty cool, right?

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Reasons to Consider Updating / Rebuilding Your Website:

  • If your business’ website is over 5 years old.
  • If it is not showing up on Google search results pages.
  • If it doesn’t accurately represent your brand, your services, or your mission.
  • If it is difficult to find what you are looking for.
  • If it looks outdated.
  • If it is not mobile responsive.
  • If it is not helping you get more customers.

Benefits of a Website by Eleven Eleven Media:

Quick Turnaround

Many web developers and marketing agencies take months (or even years!) to design, develop, and launch a website for a client.

You don’t have that kind of time…or patience!

Most of the websites we build are up and running in a matter of a few weeks.

Not months. Weeks. 

Our proven systems help us to build and launch great websites quickly so you can start getting a return on your investment faster.

Easy to Use on Phones

If your current website in not mobile responsive, then you are losing customers.

63% of web traffic is from cell phone and other mobile devices (on average), and if your site is not super easy for someone to navigate using their phone, they will likely find a competitor that makes it easier for them to buy what they need.

All websites we built are optimized for mobile responsiveness, so you don’t have to worry about losing a sale because of a hard-to-use website.

Easy to Update & Change

You’re not a tech wizard. You probably don’t have an IT team.

You’re a business owner…and a busy one.

You shouldn’t have to learn html code just to make some simple changes to your website.

That’s why we build all of our websites using a very user-friendly version of WordPress as a base…

…so you can quickly and easily keep your own site updated and relevant.

Get Found In Google Searches

Your website needs to be designed so the people looking at your website for the products and services you offer can find what they are looking for…

…but those people need to find your website first.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complicated and ever-changing, but it may be the single most important factor when considering who should build your new website.

We know what Google wants to see, so we put those things onto/into your website, allowing Google to better serve your business to people searching for what you do.


Shop around a for a new website, and you’ll usually get prices that start between $5,000-$10,000 or more.

We know what it’s like to run a small business (we’re one too), so we want to make sure that our web designs are affordable to almost everyone.

A basic website can start under $1,000, with most small business sites ranging from $1500-$3,000 (depending on your unique needs).

Or if you prefer to lease rather than buy, you can check out our monthly website leases that are designed, customized, and hosted for under $150/mo!

100% Customized For Your Brand

Many web designers take your money and then go find a pre-built “theme” and just dump your information into that.

This can leave your website looking generic and “off-brand.”

We start each site with a custom-built template we designed to be optimized for what Google wants to see in a local business’ website…

…then we completely customize it to your brand, using your colors, fonts, logos, photos, videos, and text copy.

The result? A battle-tested structure with a unique look that is all your own.

Want to Learn More?

Every business is different, and you may have questions about how well our team will work with yours.

The best way to find out?

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