Is Your Construction or Home Improvement Business Being Found?

If you are a business that builds or fixes properties in your local region, appearing in Google’s Maps Pack is THE most important thing you can do to increase phone calls, leads and customers.

We Help Local Businesses Get MORE BUSINESS.

Digital Marketing for local businesses is a game. The basic rules are simple: Make Google like you. If you can effectively do this, you will win most of the time. The goal is to BE SEEN. If people can’t find you, people can’t call you, and people can’t buy your stuff. So Google is game about visibility.

There are 3 ways to get found on Google:

Pay For Ads

The “Quick Fix” to get more visibility online? Pay for Google Ads. Just like with Newspapers back in the stone age, you can pay money to be found online with Google Ads (formerly called Adwords).

However, once you stop shelling out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars each month, those pay-per-click ads will go away, and so will your traffic.

Plus, research shows that Google ads are becoming less effective because people don’t find paid ads to be trustworthy or relevant in search engine results.


Organic Search Rankings

We love organic SERP rankings, but research has shown that they are simply not as effective at converting views into calls and website traffic as being in the Maps Pack.

Much of this is due to the simplicity of the organic search result vs. the robust information in the Maps pack. You can’t immediately see reviews (social proof), get an address, or call your company from an organic listing.

The #1 organic spot still has immense value, but it’s simply not as compelling for users looking to buy a product or service.

Maps Pack Rankings

This is where the money is. That’s why we call it the “Money Pack”!

The Maps Pack does a few things. From their phone, customers can click on your business’s name, which gives them more information about your company, including a click-to-call button.

Or, customers can use a click-to-call button directly from the Maps Pack results.

In a world where we’re always on our phones, your customers want a way to push a button and instantly be connected to your business.

We also can find social proof by reading customer reviews and learning about other people’s experiences with the company. 

Getting in the Maps Pack is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING You Can Do to Get Customers.

Many local contractor businesses have a Google Maps listing, but it’s buried on page 2 or 4 and no one ever sees it. Without the ability to see what your business is all about and, more importantly, read reviews about you–all in one spot–they move on to the next business who has this in place.


Research by Google shows that 76% of people who conduct a local search contact a business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in the purchase of a service. And the single most visible place in a Google search is the Google Maps Pack.

Being ranked highly in the Maps Pack (also called the “3 Pack” or “Money Pack”) directly ties into a buying decision. These 3 businesses get the  VAST majority of the click-throughs on almost any search, simply because they are highlighted in such a major way.


In fact, recent studies show that organic rankings (the search listings below the map) are becoming less and less important to searchers, while being more and more difficult to rank for as a business.

How Do You Get Into The Maps Pack?

Well, it’s part art and part science. Since Maps Pack results are largely displayed based on the location of the searcher, your ability to get more phone calls and leads to your business is based on two factors: Visibility and Reviews.

Over the past few years, my team and I have cracked the code on how to effectively rank almost any local construction or home improvement business in the Maps Pack for a number of different search terms in multiple locations.

Though results are generally seen very quickly, it’s not an instant gratification situation–it does take a little time to get the ball rolling, and it takes consistent work over time to get you dominating the SERPS.

What Can I Do Myself, Right Now?

If you don’t want to dive into the technical side of things, but would like to get started on your own, the first step is to own your own Google My Business (GMB) page.  If you haven’t claimed yours yet, go do that now. Claim it, find ALL the appropriate categories that your business falls under, add photos and video, and basically fill this thing out. It’s a free service from Google, and should only take you like 30 minutes to do. You are shooting yourself in the foot if you do not have control of your google my business page.  Once you have your GMB page up and running, it’s time to get reviews…and lots of them!  Nothing will get a potential customer to act faster than a lot of glowing reviews. On the other hand, a lack of reviews or negative reviews can be damaging to your business. 

Will This Work For My Industry & Location?

Very likely. If you are a local business (rather than a giant global brand like Nike), you will most likely benefit from a local marketing campaign like this. We’re picky about the companies we work with because we want to make sure we can actually help them and show them measurable results. Because of this, we’re so confident that we can help that we offer a guarantee! The best way to find out if this will work for you is to have a quick conversation with us–just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll set up a time to talk about your situation and how we can help.

A Proven Process To Get You Results.

We’ve got this down to a science. Our process is effective because we understand what Google wants to see, and we give it to them. It’s as simple as that.

It’s also pretty complicated. Our system has 2 main parts: The Setup and The Management. The setup takes about 30-90 days, in which we will already be able to track noticeable results. Once everything is set up and properly optimized, we work to continually grow your visibility, reputation and as a result, your ability to scale your business. 
We start with a detailed competitive analysis of your industry and location, the assets you have & what we’ll need to create, and by learning about your industry and where you sit inside it. Only then can we create a strategy that will move the needle for you.
GMB Setup & Optimization
There’s a lot more to optimizing your Google My Business page than  choosing the right categories. We dive deep to make sure you are set up to dominate your niche. 
Website Setup & Optimization
80% of your local marketing success is built within your website. We’ll create the right content that Google wants to see so they know you are the best choice amongst your competitors.
Ongoing Content Creation
Success in online marketing hinges on the quality of your content. We know what Google wants to see to prove that you are the most relevant, reliable, and recent source of information for any given search.

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