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Using advanced digital advertising strategies custom-tailored to your needs, budget, and goals, we help you find your customers wherever they may be.

Find New Customers Online, Regardless of Where They Are.

Social media is a great platform to reach potential customers, but only if your customers are using social media.

A comprehensive digital advertising campaign can reach highly targeted segments of the general population, regardless of what apps or platforms they engage with.

Generally, digital ads are broken up into:

  • Retargeting: Following a targeted customer around the internet with ads
  • Geo-Fencing: Targeting people based on places they have physically been
  • Targeted Email: Mass emails sent to highly targeted segment of the population
  • Over the Top TV (OTT): Sending video ads onto devices such as Roku or Apple TV

Our team at Eleven Eleven Media is highly trained in creating and optimizing digital advertising campaigns, and can recommend the best advertising strategies to fit your goals, needs, and budget.

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Reasons to Consider a Digital Advertising Campaign:

  • You are not ranking on the first page of Google for major industry keywords
  • You are not active on social media and do not have a large following
  • You want to reach a broader audience than those potential customers that are on social media platforms.
  • You are in a very competitive industry or have popular local competition.

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