I run into a lot of small business owners and managers who have tried paid Facebook advertising, spent a lot of money, and got very little to show for it. So naturally I’m asked these questions a LOT:

“Why are my facebook ads not working?”

“Does Facebook advertising even work for my industry?”

“What am I doing wrong?”

Facebook is an awesome platform for delivering highly targeted advertising on a tight budget.  But there is an art and a science to running effective ads on Facebook. In my experience, there are just a few reasons your facebook ads don’t convert:

  1. You’re Talking to the Wrong People. 
  2. You’re Telling Them the Wrong Thing.
  3. You’re Offering Something They Don’t Want.
Let’s go through these one at a time, shall we?

1. You’re talking to the wrong people.

Facebook (and subsequently instagram) have an incredible targeting system that allows you to get VERY SPECIFIC. A big problem I see with ads that don’t convert well is that their audience is either too broad, or they simply are targeting the wrong audience. If your audience is too broad, it’s like throwing up a billboard on a main road; a bunch of people will see it, but most of those people probably won’t care. When you do that, your conversion rate (which is determined by how many people clicked on the ad vs. how many people saw it) goes down and Facebook thinks that your ad isn’t worthwhile. So they either stop showing your ad as much, or they make you pay more to keep showing it.
So how do you fix it? Think about the specific kind of customers you’re looking for. Not just “everyone in a 50 mile radius of (town).” What do they like? What is their job? What is their education? Do they have kids? Are they married? Get specific.

2. You’re telling them the wrong thing.

If you have the right, specific audience who should be jumping at the chance to buy your stuff, but they’re NOT…maybe your message just sucks. So it’s time for a gut-check: Is your message REALLY that compelling? Does it hit a true pain point that your audience experiences? This world no longer works like Field of Dreams…even if you build it, they may not come.
So how do you fix it? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What problem does your product of service REALLY solve? A friend of mine always uses this example: “You don’t go to the bank because you need a car loan. You need a CAR. You need a way to get work.” The car loan is just a means to an end. What end is your product or service a means to? Sell the result, the relief, the pride, and the pleasure. Because people only buy stuff for two reasons: eliminate pain or increase pleasure. 

3. You’re offering something they don’t want.

If your audience is spot on and your message is compelling, maybe your offer just isn’t good enough to motivate someone to take action. With all the noise online (and offline), it’s hard to get people to take action. So you need to have a killer offer. An Offer They Can’t Refuse. I see a lot of struggling ad campaigns that are failing because they simply don’t have a compelling offer that makes people want to take action. “Click Here to Pay Full Price” rarely makes anyone turn their head.
So how do you fix it? You don’t necessarily need to offer a discount (though discounts are GREAT incentives), but you need to create urgency and incentivize someone for doing business with you. What can you give away so your customer can experience what you have to offer? If you’re a service business, free consultations are a good place to start. You probably do this anyway, but just don’t market it as such…it’s just “the first meeting” or “the sales call” to you. If you’re selling a product, try a free demo, trial, or sample.  If you need to educate your customer before you close a deal, then think about a downloadable ebook or checklist. But whatever it is, make sure it’s something your customers will see value in.
If you’d like to chat about your facebook ads and how to get them working FOR you instead of just costing you money, I’d love to sit down and talk! Just fill out the form or click here to request a FREE marketing evaluation, and we’ll set up a call!


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